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  • “Adam gave a captivating talk that managed to appeal to the interests of a diverse audience. He has a great ability to weave in personal story with over-arching lessons, which made for a thought-provoking presentation. Adam’s personable manner encouraged questions during and after his talk, leading to interesting group discussions, which I am sure continued long after the event.

    Adam’s personal journey ties in naturally to our organisation’s values and mission, with hope self-regulation and resilience appearing as key themes throughout his talk. His conscious effort to relate his own story with our organisation’s purpose meant each audience member connected easily to Adam.

    The feedback we have received about Adam’s talk has been enormously positive. The audience clearly were motivated and inspired by what he had to say.”

    Madeline Elkington - The Helmsman Project
  • “Adam Kellerman was invited to be our guest of honour at Masada College’s end of year Speech Night for Year 7-11. Adam captured and impressed an audience that ranged from 12 year olds to grandparents and from the glowing feedback, was one of our most successful guest speakers. His personal story touched us all and had everyone reflecting on their own lives, as well as Adam’s. Would we all be able to face adversity in the same positive manner that Adam has? I see Adam as having a very bright and busy future, not only as a sportsman, but as a very memorable, talented, motivational speaker.”

    Wendy Barrel Masada College principal -
  • “Adam presented to our team at Goodman earlier this month and his story was an inspiration to us all. He showed how despite being presented with significant life changing challenges he was able to overcome the physical setbacks that his childhood illness imposed, and develop the mental strength to change the direction of his life.  His story demonstrates the power of setting goals in providing focus and direction, the benefits of applying passion to the things we do and to never give up.

    The hard work, resilience and dedication Adam has put into his training and his single- minded determination to succeed has led him to achieve amazing things. It reminds us all that we can do more than we think we can if we put in the effort, and that the rewards – whilst they don’t come easy- are worth that effort.

    I would highly recommend engaging Adam Kellerman to inspire your team to bigger and bolder things. The messages that underpin his life story are uplifting and empowering.”

    Jo Cameron General Manager, Human Resources (Australia and New Zealand) - Goodman Group